Gulf Coast Animal Emergency Hospital prides itself on being the best emergency vet in Houston. These testimonials are from a few of our clients for various services we offer!

Severe Dog Allergy Relief

“I have two boxers that allow me to live with them. My dogs are like my children. When my youngest pup experienced two separate severe allergic reactions during the Christmas and New Year holidays, I feel blessed that she was cared for by Dr. Eric Cagle. Like all allergic reactions in animals, it is difficult to pinpoint the cause and the reaction can range in severity while the side effects linger for a while. Dr. Cagle went above and beyond to provide the highest level of care for the dog and to ensure that I was informed throughout the process. He replied to emails when I later discovered he was off that day. He followed up with me to check on the dog and consulted with other specialists at Gulf Coast when we became concerned that my dog may be suffering from more than an allergic reaction. It was clearly apparent that he truly cared about my dog and he demonstrated the highest level of expertise, professionalism and customer service. Visiting an emergency vet clinic can be an overwhelming experience that, fortunately, I had never done before. However, the entire staff made my experience at Gulf Coast very comfortable and pleasant. From the attendant at the front desk to the vet assistant to Dr. Cagle, the employees here are top-notch professionals. I highly recommend them and can’t thank Dr. Cagle enough for the exceptional care he provided to my sweet pup.”

Kim H. | 1/06/2016★★★★★

Critical Dog Care & 24Hr Monitoring

“This hospital was amazing! Our little dog was in bad shape and stayed for 24 hours. We were encouraged to call and check on her any time. Each time, I was able to talk to the doctor. The facilities look and operate better than a people hospital. While I hope we never need to come back, if there’s another emergency, we won’t hesitate to choose GCVS.”

Margaret W. | 12/12/2015★★★★★

Emergency Cat Care

“I had just come home from a lovely evening on the day before Thanksgiving when I went to begin my shower. I closed the door quickly and unfortunately my cat decided to jump out at the last second as many do, and the door slammed right into his front leg. I was so worried I hurt him that i immediately went to “Dr. Google” as the GREAT receptionist Mary calls it and read to give it a few minutes before being rash, but Being the owner I am it was unbearable hearing him cry and I decided to look for a 24/7 Emergency Vet. I called the first one and was so lucky to get this place! Dr. Cagle (I believe the head of the location) and his staff were so kind and helpful in calming me and reassuring me he will be fine from the moment I got downstairs.

More importantly they helped his pain. They gave him pain medicine and some to take home and give to him until I can get him to another vet who will do surgery soon. Turns out I had broken his leg and he will need surgery.

The only bad thing to say is that there wasn’t much they could accomplish other than provide diagnosis, but I feel that is more because of the severity than anything else.

Mary (the receptionist) was amazing and so kind, be sure if you go to thank her!

Angela | 11/27/2015★★★★★

Emergency Dog Care – Maggots & Dehydration

“I had such a great experience at the “new and improved” Emergency Hospital! I took sweet Jazzy in after finding her covered in maggots and severely dehydrated! They patched her up and gave her fluids and meds and even taught me how to bottle feed her since she was so tiny! I really appreciated the help on that, that was going above and beyond and something they did not have to do. They sent me home with everything I needed including formula!”

Joann | 10/30/2015★★★★★

Compassionate & Knowledgable Staff

“Very professional. Very nice, kind and caring. Staff knowledgeable, compassionate and friendly. Highly impressed. Quick service.”

Debbie F. | 10/04/2015★★★★★

Rabbit Intestinal Emergency

“My husband and I have taken one of our rabbits to this hospital several times due to her recurring bouts of intestinal issues. Three weeks ago we brought her in where it was discovered she had a serious illness. Unfortunately, she passed away the next day after an overnight stay. Dr. Pacheco and Dr. Chen were so kind and compassionate as they both took the time to explain every step taken to try and save her. All of the staff we came into contact with were also professional and understanding. I would recommend the clinic and vets to anyone needing the special attention needed for their rabbits.”

Carol T. | 9/12/2015★★★★★

High Level Emergency Pet Care

“Awesome doctors and staff!! I’ve taken my pets there for emergencies numerous times over the years and they are always consistent with a high level of care and skill. Dr Cagle is the best!!”

Greg G. | 9/09/2015★★★★★

Emegency Pet Care

“My boyfriend’s ex-wife called him in hysterics because, an animal they purchased while together was near death, and it needed immediate care. She couldn’t afford to pay for the vet visit and wanted to know if we would be willing to help. We called the Gulf Coast Animal Emergency Hospital on a Sunday afternoon, desperate for help, asking if the boyfriend of the ex-wife brought the pet in, could we pay over the phone with a credit card.

Not only did they not have an issue with the “broken” family, shared pet scenario, they told us what the costs would be upfront, brought in a specialist to meet them at the clinic, they kept us apprised of the situation and, the vet even took time to talk to us about what had happened, and how to keep the other animals from getting sick.

They happily emailed us a receipt, along with a very personal note sending their condolences, (the animal died on the way in), and they were so super nice during the entire process, it really helped my boyfriend make it through this very emotional situation.

These days, it is amazing to find that during such an emotional time, there are still people that take the time to care about the feelings of other people. Not to mention the fact they have extremely reasonable fees that everyone can afford. Nothing worse than having a critically ill animal, than to have to take out a loan to pay for it.

If you live in the Houston area, I highly recommend Gulf Coast Animal Emergency Hospital. Reasonable rates, caring and loving people. Doesn’t get any better than that.”

Shannon N. | 8/30/2015★★★★★

Exceptional Patient Care

“2 of my family dogs was put down here…. Bonnie and AlexC… Golden Retriever and a Black Lab…the staff was so sweet and compassionate they are on the expensive side but the serves is excellent and it is a 24 hours animal hospital so it is to be expected… Services was wonderful they did all they can to help both of them… Thank you so much for taking such great care of them and helping them to cross over with the least pain possible…”

Clara L. | 8/30/2015★★★★★

Cat Bladder Infection & Ear Infection Emergency

“These folks are AMAZING!! My kitty got sick at 6:05pm, right after my vet had closed. He tee-teed right in front of me, 3 times in space of about a minute. Saw there was blood and immediately called my vet. Their voice message gave Gulf Coast as emergency contact. I was so worried that I don’t remember anyone’s name, but the lady at the desk was wonderful!! A tech came out as soon as I walked in, took my baby back with him. They wouldn’t let me go back with them, “he’ll put on a show for you…” which made me smile, they could tell he’s a little spoiled??? The wonderful dr came in to let me know what was going on, gave me a bag of meds and said they would send his info on this visit to my regular vet!! I arrived there by 6:30 and was back home by 7:30!! My sweet kitty has a bladder infection as well as an ear infection. They took such good care of him and really good care of his frantic momma as well!! Thank you!! He’s doing so much better, so grateful for the excellent care!!”

Remy M. | 8/24/2015★★★★★

Rat Poisoning Dog Emergency & Advanced Pet Monitoring

“Sunday mid-afternoon, 8/9, I returned home to discover my chocolate labrador, Daisy, had pulled a new (and factory sealed) tub of rat poison (active ingredient: Bromethalin) from the center of a large dining room table onto the floor, chewed open the lid, then ate 12 large tasty cubes as her afternoon snack. Veterinarian, Dr. Nathon Shotts, later confirmed this was a lethal dose.”

“I promptly grabbed the container, swept remaining crumbs from the floor into a Ziplok baggie, and transported Daisy to Gulf Coast Animal Emergency. While driving, I called ahead to alert staff to what was in route. I was immediately met by a Technician, who took the container and Daisy back. Dr. Shotts and staff induced vomiting to purge Daisy’s stomach, followed by three separate doses of activated carbon. Dr. Shotts and staff calculated what mass was missing from the (previously) unopened container to determine Daisy had eaten 12 cubes. Based on the LD50 this was a lethal dose. Bromethalin a very potent rodentcide has no antidote. Purging stomach and digestive tract promptly is the only life saving option. Daisy stayed the night for staff to monitor for symptoms: high / uncontrolled body temperature, brain swelling, etc.. No symptoms were observed throughout the night. The next morning, I transferred Daisy from GCAEH to my local Veterinarian for continued observation throughout a hot August day, 8/10. Thank you Dr. Nathan Shotts and GCAEH staff for saving my dog’s life and monitoring her vitals throughout the night.”

Paul W. | 8/16/2015★★★★★

Emergency Dog Care – Urinary Issues

“6 years ago, I brought my piebald doxie, Maddie, to GCVS when her health took a nose dive from one moment to another. The minimum level of care and zero answers to why she was so sick so suddenly was a bummer for the price I ended up paying… So this past Sunday (8/2/15), I hesitated bringing my doxie, Weezy, there when she started peeing blood ….as my first impression of this place wasn’t great… But I didn’t know where else to go. So I took a chance and am so thankful I did!! From the moment we walked in, I was so happy with everything and everyone!

“Everyone was kind, helpful, and most importantly- took excellent care of my sweet Weezy. They were all professional and comforting making me feel completely confident in their abilities and impressed with their willingness to answer all my questions. This was not only evident with me, but with everyone who came in after me.

“Though having emergencies with your fur babies is never fun, I’m relieved to know GCVS is right down the street. I later found out they have new owners which totally makes sense to me now bc my two experiences here were night and day. They have totally changed their game and is the only place I will ever bring my doxies with no hesitation from now on. The vet who saw us, Dr. Cagle, was kind enough to email me his report and lab results and asked us to keep him posted on Weezy’s progress. It showed that he truly cared.

“Yes, any emergency situation (human or pet) is always pricey, but the level of care makes it worth it. Weezy came home feeling so much better and 3 days later is totally back to her bouncy, silly self. To see your fur baby so sick and then come out with their tail wagging…. That’s priceless. If you have an emergency with any pet…. Go here! They know what they’re doing for sure!”

Audra G.| 8/04/2015★★★★★

Fatigue & Critical Dog Care

“If I could give more stars, I would. I came in for the first time on Aug 1 with my 13-year-old mixed breed rescue pup. She collapsed and couldn’t use her legs at home. I called before I left the house, I was very upset and Tootsie and Mary were SO nice on the phone and told me exactly what to do when I got there. The facilities were clean and welcoming. I waited in an exam room and they offered me snacks and a blanket which was nice and comforting. Then, I met with Dr. Cagle who was SO nice and thoroughly explained everything he thought was going on and comforted me. My husband happened to be out of town that weekend and I told him on the phone how wonderful Dr. Cagle and everyone was. Dr. Cagle was compassionate and understanding. Turns out she had an episode with her spine and thankfully is recovering now at home. They kept her for 24 hours and the vet techs and everyone when I went to visit her were so nice. I can’t say enough good things about GCV!! I always thought it would be a scary experience to go to an “emergency vet” but it was not!”

AM B.| 8/04/2015★★★★★

Experienced Doctors – Dr. Cagle

“Dr. Cagle is amazing! He is professional and caring and will not force you to spend money on unnecessary labs/procedures. He follows-up when he says he will and genuinely cares about the animals. I highly recommend him.”

Tara S. | 5/28/2015★★★★★

Emergency Cat Care – Tail Abscess

“I came home from work tonight and thought my cat had broken her tail–it was swollen at the base, tender to the touch, and had gone limp. Since I live in Montrose and this was around 7PM, the closest 24/7 emergency vet was Sunset Boulevard, which is where I mistakenly took my little girl.

After more than an hour of waiting in the cold lobby with my cat howling at me inside her cage (at which point I was told it would take “at least another 30 minutes” before someone saw us), and seeing multiple walk-ins get pushed ahead of me, I called Gulf Coast to find out how long their wait time would be. Answer: zero minutes.

I immediately drove the extra few miles, and found a wonderful, caring staff. My cat’s tail was fixed in less than half an hour. Turns out it wasn’t broken, just a strange abscess that mimicked a broken tail, and they even gave me a CD-R with her X-ray photos in case I needed to follow up with my regular vet.

Dr. Cagle specifically is the person I spoke with most, and he seemed very knowledgeable and eager to provide as much information as I wanted (normally a very high threshold). He went over all the relevant price concerns at my request, and was very clear in presenting the treatment options that were available. The prices were very reasonable, for the record.

I recommend this clinic to anyone who needs emergency veterinary service past normal business hours. Fast service, friendly service, and smart service.”

Stephen R. | 5/18/2015★★★★★

Emergency Cat Care

“I’ve had a very special cat in my life, BB, in the last year or so. He belonged to my friend and was the sweetest, most gentle soul and would give you kitty kisses if you simply asked. I asked often. He was such a great cat!

At 2:00 a.m., BB was in tremendous pain. We called Gulf Coast, and the lady that answered our call gave us advice on how to safely bring BB in for an evaluation. Unfortunately, our little sweetness didn’t make it. The doctor on call that evening, Dr. Nathan Shotts, delivered the heartbreaking news to us gently and gave my friend and I time and space to grieve. His soothing bedside manner softened the blow as he genuinely seemed to understand that BB was special to us.

Just days ago, BB and I sat outside together when the sunshine finally broke through the Houston clouds. Losing him still wells up tears, and we will miss him greatly. Lots of appreciation to the kind staff that helped us in a very stressful and heartbreaking situation.

Amy D. | 3/26/2015★★★★★